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   From: Mary & Andy
On: 9/20/19
Hi Tina and Grif. Welcome back, it's so nice to be able to visit you from time to time. Sorry for the delay, as in the past, we used to get to your page via Rainbow Bridge, but, we eventually figured it out. That is a beautiful photo of you, no wonder Grif is so proud of you. It is just so cruel that illness tore you apart. We know Grif still misses you and we pray for you and Grif, daily, at our puppies shrine. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Tina, we will come and visit you soon. You are in our hearts and prayers. Love, Mary & Andy

  From: Your Husband
On: 6/8/19
I wish I could talk to you, so much has changed since your departure, most of your family disowns me, even Shannan disowns me. They all wanted me to keep dishing out money and doing for them, when I say anything, they get mad. The last words Shan spoke to me was "F---ing forget where we live!" and she shut the door in my face. I don't know what happened to that girl Tink - what turned her against everyone. She's passed her hate down to her kids because they won't have anything to do with me, as evidence by Ryan blocking me. The one good friend that I 'thought' I had (Joan) - she ended up being just another one using me and when I wouldn't marry her - I became dog crap under her feet. I actually feel sorry for her. But I "now" remember you telling me "there's something about Joan I can't put my finger on" - well, NOW I know.... I stay to myself, best way to be. I just have one furbaby left that "we" had - little August kitty - all the rest are with you now.

  From: joe peptis
On: 6/2/19
I never met Tina as far as I remember. What a wonderful tribute! She had to be an amazing lady. True true love is so rare but it is clear as a bell you and Tina were the real deal! GOD bless Tina, RIP beautiful lady!

   From: Teresa Ingersoll
On: 6/1/19
Tina, what a BEAUTIFUL lady you are. I wish I could've become your friend like I am with Grif. He is one devoted and wonderful man. I know you arr so very proud of him as he is of you. Please, give Grif a sign, he misses you so very much. Lots of prayers and hugs to you both.

   From: Glenn Adams Johnson
On: 5/31/19
Wow what a very touching message, I am sorry to hear of the loss. Years ago. I know you love her very deeply, and she knows it too, god bless you grief.

  From: Janie LoPreste
On: 5/31/19
Beautiful tribute Grif. Yall will be reunited in heaven one day. Cherish the memories!

  From: Janie LoPreste
On: 5/31/19
Beautiful tribute Grif. Yall will be reunited in heaven one day. Cherish the memories!

  From: Patty S Close
On: 5/31/19
Hello Aunt Tina want to say I love you and I miss you and I still cant believe your gone you are still a beautiful and wonderful woman and I'm proud to say you were my Aunt God sure gave Uncle Grif the best wife anyone could ask for and I geuss it's TRUE only the good die young RIP Aunt Tina until we can all be together again say hello to all our family that's up there with you I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALWAYS

  From: Jeanne
On: 5/31/19
Oh Tina you are one loved woman. Though it has been 13 years since you left earth for a seat at the throne with Our Lord and Savior, Grif has held you in his heart and mind. I can only imagine the glorious thing you have seen and experienced in Heaven. We are struggling down here between the democrats and this heat in SC I'm sure it won't be long we will be joining you soon.

   From: Your Husband
On: 5/31/19
Hello My Darling - thinking so much about you today, 13 years it has been....I was rereading stuff over, you have all the Furbabies with you know but for August Cat - I still have her. I have 3 dogs & 4 cats now - think you would have adored Ms. Penny, Darling Dolly & Dipper, shoot, you'd love them all like I do. You still visit me every once in a while in my dreams and I so love that.

   From: Mary, Andrew, Benji, Louie
On: 5/31/16
Hi Tina and Grif. Just dropping by to share our love and thoughts with you on this sad day of remembrance, marking ten years since you went to Beloved Hearts. We pray often for you both and will double our efforts today, praying that the pain will not be too much to bear. Our warmest hugs and affections for you both, just wish we could be there to share the load. Your friends in Australia.

   From: Ashley
On: 1/16/16
Sorry for your loss. May you have some peace knowing she is in a better place now.

   From: Remy Balonon
On: 5/31/15
Hi Tina, I konw you and my Karen (Doe) are friends up in Heaven. I know you watch over Grif and the rest of your family.

   From: Your Husband
On: 5/31/15
Today marks nine whole years since you left My Love, 9 years - gheesh, that sounds so long. I think of you EVERY DAY, I hope you can somehow hear me when I talk to you in the mornings. Thank you Honey for watching over us. I loved you yesterday, I love you today, I will always love you for all the tomorrows that come. I'm sorry Shannan no longer visits you, but don't feel lonely Love, for they are not speaking to me (AGAIN) either. I'm OK as long as I'm dishing out to them but when they don't get what they want - they go back on the no speaking terms again. I can't deal with it anymore, I've accepted they no longer want me in their life. They've owed me $1,503.50 for over a year now and not one red cent has been paid back. I was told it would turn out this way once you left by a close friend, oh, how turn it turned out to be. I shouldn't be complaining to you, somehow I know you know what is going on. Just wanted to stop by and say I love you.

   From: Mary, Andrew, Benji, Louie
On: 5/31/15
Hi Tina and Grif, we are a long way from where you are, but our thoughts and prayers are with you on this sad day. Lots of wamr hugs and affection to you both, and lots of puppy smooches from the boyz. Rest peacefully, sweet Tina, you are a very special Angel.

   From: Grif
On: 5/31/14
Today mark eight years since you left, another year has gone by. Does it ever get easier? You learn to adapt to it, but it NEVER gets easier...I miss you today as I did the day you left. Sure wish Heaven had visiting hours or a phone, I miss not talking with you. I miss every about you. I love you!!!

   From: Mary, Andrew, Benji, Louie
On: 5/31/14
Hi Tina, Grif, Our warmest love and affection for you. Our prayers and thoughts are with you at this sad time of rememberance. Rest peacefully, Grif's beautiful ANgel.

   From: Pat & Jim
On: 5/31/14
Tina....You are so missed dear....more than you will ever know... Continue to support Grif and bring your joy and light into his days.... You are so missed....I'm sure Heaven is a brighter place with you there, but you are so missed....I saw a hummingbird the other day, and thought of you....mostly I see the Northern Cardinals around my yard, but, there are plenty of others too...I'll look to the Heavens tonight and find your brightest star .... Pat & Jim

   From: Debbie
On: 8/10/13
Dear Grif, I was visiting my John here this morning and reading his guest book and thought I should visit your Tina and let you know how much I appreciate your words in his book. The emptiness doesn't heal does it? But with time the pain lessens a little and the laughter and love goes on forever. Tina must have been a qwonderful woman and she was blessed to have you for her life's partner! Take care and always .... REMEMBER!

   From: Remy Balonon
On: 5/31/13
Hi Tina, I know that you watch over Grif and the rest of your family. Please give hugs to my Karen and my Kitty Wilbur.

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