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On: 6/17/13
I know Steve is in Heaven watching over all of his animals..I just sent our girl there yesterday..lil Sugar. Take good care of her at the Bridge til we get there. :)

   From: Debbie Willis
On: 2/27/12
My husband, John Arnold , and i were huge fans of Steve and grieved for him as well after that tragic accident. John passed over the bridge in 2008. I know he's waiting for me there with my horses and our dogs as Steve waits for Teri with his beloved Crocs.

   From: shirelle and caleb
On: 10/12/11
the world lost a great man the day that steve died, he was and still is cherished by millions of people and animals. he lived a life of passion and love and made every day count. he is the type of person that would go running over to rainbow bridge to play with each and every animal till we get there to be with our beloved pets. thank you steve for showing the world the beauty animals have to offer even the animals people would of forgotten but your family is keeping that dream alive. please when visiting rainbow bridge give my baby girl angel a big hug from us thank you xxx

  From: Pamala Tipps OKLA. USA
On: 5/21/11
I really enjoyed watching Steve handle crocs and enjoyed his show. May God give you the strength and peace you need over the loss of your husband. May God guide you as you raise you'lls precious children. He was a beloved man worldwide.

   From: Heather
On: 12/26/09
Steve, What an inspiration you were to so many, especially the younger generation who watched your tv show. It is vital that children learn early about the responsibilities we have toward other species on this planet. And you made that happen. Thanks for your immense contribution. Your presence is truly missed by many. You will never be forgotten. Bless You, Heather

   From: Eileen
On: 7/22/09
Hi Susi.. What a wonderful tribute to Steve Irwin. Like you, I watched all his shows and also wrote an email to the Irwin's after his Mom died. The day I heard the news I was devistated. I still cry sometimes when I see him on TV. Such a kind and great soul. I am sure heaven is more fun with him there but earth is missing him. Hugs to you!

   From: RoseAnn
On: 7/14/09
As time passes, your spirit and the memory of your smile still reminds us to be passionate and excited about everything. You were a gift!

  From: Ellen Hines
On: 7/11/08
I never had the wonderful opportunity to meet Steve Irwin, but I do however share the "animal freak" gene. As you say, there will never be another like him, he did inspire many people to step up and what they can and we can be thankful for that!

  From: Joy Kortbeek
On: 1/11/08
This is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man.God Bless Steve,you are missed.Love to Terri,Bindi and Bob.Im reading Terris book and its brilliant!! xxxx

  From: Terri Edwards
On: 12/16/07
What a LOVELY memorial for a Wonderful man. I am from Joplin, Missouri... I loved hearing your story of how you came to know the Irwins. God Bless, Terri

  From: Karen (Dusty's Mommy @ Rainbowsbridge)
On: 10/11/07
Steve...such a loving gentle caring man you were, and full of enthusiasm for life! You lived your life with joy, passion, and a zest that many of us only dream of from a distance. It is so very touching to know that your very passion for living, your love of life itself and all that nature has to offer humanity, lives on. It lives on in every smile, every laugh, every moment that your dear sweet daughter Bindi Sue lives her life in your footsteps. It is a living tribute to you, a tribute that you, from your eternal Heavenly home, are so deeply proud of that words cannot express. Keep a watch o'er your family, and may they each have a part of your zest for life live on in them all their days...God Bless you and your family...Karen Michaels...New Jersey, USA

  From: Dreama
On: 9/25/07
It's unfair to have your father taken and at such a young age. I admire the strength and dedication in his little girl. I know Steve is someone who will be missed, but remembered forever. He's part of the animal world history. I know the pain of losing a father having lost mine 2 years ago at 58 to a massive heart attack. Many blessings to his wife and children and to all who knew him.

  From: Tracy (Bun~Bun's "Grammie")
On: 9/25/07
On September 4th, 2006, the animals (& the people that love animals) of this world lost a true hero & companion. Your enthusiasm for animals was evident & also, very contagious!!! It's comforting to know that Bindi is carrying on in your footsteps to protect all wildlife & animals in general. You are greatly missed Steve here on earth & we know you will be taking care of our Furbabies till we are all reunited. Rest In Peace Mate!

  From: Pat Lively
On: 9/25/07
My deepest sympathies on your loss and all of us who knew he was a wonderful person.. I do know what it is like to lose a loved one, whether Human or one of our special, furry babies. Having lost quite a few of my own and doing dog rescue, it is never easy. From my house of 8 furr babies, to yours, we wish you the best. If you ever need to write please do so. I will be there for you. They never leave us, we just don't see them any more. Their spirit lives on.

  From: Karen
On: 9/24/07
The world has lost a great and wonderful man as well as a great dad and husband. I am so sorry for you loss. May his work and love of animals live on. Karen

  From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 9/24/07
Mr. Irwin your legacy lives on thru your beautiful daughter, my parent's always said their goal in life was to raise their children well, which in my opinion should be each parent's goal...You did Mr. Irwin even if it was only for a short time the legacy you have left to her is so real. Thank you for the love of God's creatures you so graciously bestowed upon us for your short life. Rest well.

  From: charlie and furbaby Caleb
On: 9/24/07
To Steve--i've only ever known about you by watching your tele show, and i have to say that the animal life on earth has lost a true Shepherd, and what a world it would have been with more like you in it. My prayers are with your family, and may you Rest in Peace knowing that you are surrounded by the love and friendship of so many,from the people in your life, our furbabies,and the wildlife you have known through the years.

  From: Shari
On: 9/23/07
What a beautiful tribute! You were a wonderful man for the things you've done. May God bless your family...Shari

  From: Clare and Martha
On: 9/23/07
Steve, you will never be forgotten. Susi, the world has lost a very special person, and heaven has gained a very special soul. Steve will never be forgotten for all the education and mentoring that he did here. May God bless you and his family always. Clare and Martha

  From: Debbie Topliff
On: 9/23/07
The world lost a Champion, Warrior and a truly Exemplory human being, but oh how Happy the Residents of Rainbows Bridge must be to welcome this most favorite of sons HOME at last. Well done Steve-O but Oh how we miss you

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