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   From: Shirley
On: 1/20/19
Hi Hon, As I'm writing to you, I hear the wind blowing so hard. This morning the temp was up in the thirties and now in the mid twenties. I walked out to Jim's and the wind held me back at times. Can't wait until it gets warmer. Jim is doing ok and next Monday he will return to work. It probably will be hard to get use to after being off for so long. Then again it might feel like he was never off. I know Tyler is going to miss him a lot. He will keep looking for him at the door. How is our other Grandpuppy doing? I love and miss you both so much. Some day we will all be together again. It won't be long until our son has a birthday. Do you remember the day he was born? I guess he didn't want to come into the world. Because it took him from early morning until 9:30 p.m. to arrive. I wish we could live that day over again. So many things that I wish for but they can't happen. I love and miss you so much. Until the next time, love you forever and ever.Give Tucker hugs and kisses.

   From: Shirley
On: 1/13/19
Hi Hon, We had snow over night. Wasn't much but it is really cold. Spring can't come fast enough for me. Jim went to the surgeon on Friday. He is healing ok but can't go back to work for another two weeks. I really didn't think he would be able to go back yet. He does a lot of lifting. He would pull the sutures out and would have to have surgery again. He said he doesn't know how you went through all you did. I know I did a lot of praying when you had surgeries. It helped because you came through them good. I said prayers for Jim too. The new year didn't start off very well. Hopefully it will get better now. Haven't heard more about Harold and Delores. Maybe give them a call. Tell Harr Dave had to give up on the van. To many problems with it. He got a smaller vehicle, looks nice. Wish you were still here with us. I love and miss you so much. Time goes on but you are always in my thoughts. Going to write to Tucker now. Love you forever and ever.

   From: Shirley
On: 1/9/19
Hi Hon, Today is the date that you left us to go to heaven. In those 13 years we've always loved and missed you. Wish you could have been with us longer. Some day we will be together forever. On Monday my Mom went to heaven 36 years ago. Tell her we love and miss her too. On Friday your Dad will be there in heaven 26 years. Tell him we love and miss him too. It is odd that it happened all in the month of January and two days apart. I guess God needed you all with him in heaven. Edna called and told me Harold and Delores both fell.I hope they get better. Talk to you another time. Love you forever and ever.

   From: Shirley
On: 1/5/19
Hi Hon, Jim is feeling much better now. He had a check up with Dr. H. yesterday and he did good. On Friday he has an appt. with the surgeon. I hope that goes well too. When he goes back to work Tyler will miss him so much. When Jim was in the hospital, Tyler kept looking for him. I hope he will accept him leaving better this time. But how can you explain to him that his Daddy won't be going that long this time. We love him so much we don't like him to be upset at any thing. Life had its ups and downs, doesn't it? It was painful when you left me. But there wasn't nothing I could do to keep you here. Until we meet again, my memories will help me until that time comes. The Veggies will soon be a cat shelter. I hope the woman who feeds the cats around Jim's takes them there. I don't see how the cats survive in the cold. Some people should be out in the cold like the cats they put outside. Love you forever and ever. Think of me as I do you.

   From: Shirley
On: 12/29/18
Hi Hon, Jim's surgery went well. He came home today. He's sore but he will get better each day. I think he will be off work 3 or 4 weeks. He missed being home for Christmas so we'll celebrate tomorrow. The new year is soon upon us. I hope the new year will be better. But Jim W. is having problems now. I pray that he will get better. Did you like your Christmas present? Did you and Tucker take naps on it? We love and miss you both so much. Thank you and Tucker for looking over Jim through his surgery.Tyler didn't know Jim at first. He barked and barked at him.Now he doesn't let him out of his sight. I think Tyler has to go out now. I'll talk to you another time. Love you forever and ever. You are always in my thoughts.

   From: Shirley
On: 12/25/18
Hi Hon, Merry Christmas. It's not a good day for us here on earth. Jim was admitted to the hospital yesterday. He needs to have surgery. You and Tucker look down on him so he will be ok. Hope you have a nice day in Heaven. I'll send you a gift from Jim, Tyler and me. Wish you were here by my side. Love you forever and ever.Talk to you later.

   From: Shirley
On: 12/22/18
Hi Hon, In 3 days it will be Christmas. What would you like me to send you? It would be a very nice gift for me if you could be here with me again. It will soon be 13 years that you went to Heaven. It seems so much longer to me. I'm here in the dinning room writing to you. As I look up I see the caps that you use to wear. The one has on it "W.W.II VETERAN & PROUD OF IT. The other one is tan in color. Jim and I are so proud of you for serving our country. Right now the men and women who are in the service don't have any one who they can depend on who will look out for their well being. We are in a sad time in the world today. Ask God to help to make things get better. Jim had a light go out in his jeep. It is the light that is right below the roof. He was afraid of breaking some thing so David fixed it. David works at a garage now. Going to close for now. Love you forever and ever. Talk to you on Christmas Day. Give Tucker hugs, ok.

   From: Shirley
On: 12/16/18
Hi Hon, Another week has gone by. Getting closer to Christmas now. Another Christmas with out you here. Some day that will change. I'll be with you forever then. Your picture will be in the paper again for Christmas. I don't know who Edna invited for Christmas dinner this year. Wish you could be one of them. It has been raining for the whole week end. At least it isn't snow. Jim will work this week and then vacation the next. I'm glad he got the weeks off on the holidays. I wonder what 2019 will be like. I sure hope it will be better than this year is. How is our Grandpuppy? Give him hugs and kisses from his Daddy and me. We love and miss you both so much. Tell Jen I made Mary Jo a jello salad for her birthday which is on Thursday. No cake because she can't have sugar. I put fruit in with the sugar free jello. Going to write to Tucker now. I think about you always and wish I could hold you again. Love you forever and ever. Think about me as I do you ok. See you some time.

   From: Shirley
On: 12/9/18
Hi Hon, Another week has gone by with out you here. The 9th of the first month of the new year will be the date you went to heaven. I relive that day so many times. I wish we could have been together so much longer. Some day it will be my time to go to heaven. We will be together forever then. The world is in terrible shape now. Maybe it's a good thing you're not here to see it. Hopefully people will soon wake up and do the right thing for the people. I wish Harr could be here to see Ryan's boys. They are so cute and growing so fast. I'm sure they will have lots of fun at Christmas. They sent me a Christmas card with pictures on it. Pictures of Ryan, Kayla and the boys. Tyler is laying at my feet sleeping while I'm writing to you. I know I will get him awake when I get up. Maybe he'll go back to sleep. Jim is working today. Works tomorrow and is off Tuesday. Week of Christmas is vacation for him. Going to close now. Love you forever and ever.

   From: Shirley
On: 12/2/18
Hi Hon, It has bee a rainy day here on earth but quite warm. I guess you've heard about the earth quake in Alaska. I feel so bad for those who have endured this terrible act of nature. The fires, floods and now the earth quake. They are blaming these things as happening because of global warming. I hope the people running the government would listen to the people who know about this issue of global warming. But some people think it is a lot of nonsense. Soon it will be Christmas. Another holiday with out you by my side. Some day we will be together for all holidays. Until then you be in my thoughts then and always will be. Jim was thanked for going to work when we had the bad weather. He also got a coupon for free ice cream. As thoughtful as he is he gave the ice cream to me. Just like his Dad. thoughtful. He is off tomorrow and is going to get his Christmas tree. Wish you could be here to see it. Love you forever and ever. Thoughts are always with you.

   From: Shirley
On: 11/25/18
Hi Hon, Just got back from taking a walk. Wish you could have gone with me. First I went to see the brick that they had put on for Chunk. It is close by to where Harr's and yours is. Tell Chunk that it was finally put down. Then I went up the high school hill and went over to the cemetery. On Friday Jim, Tyler and I put a wreath on your grave site. Also put flowers on for your Mom, Dad, Elwood, Ann, Jen and Buzz. Then we went down to the boro and put flowers on for my Mom, Dad and Bob. We don't know what the weather will be later so I thought I would put them on now. So how was your birthday party and Thanksgiving? Did you and Tucker take naps on your chair yet? Did everyone sing Happy Birthday to you? Jim's vacation is over now, back to work tomorrow. He can look forward to another next month though. I love and miss you so much. The love I have for you will be forever and ever. Did Tucker have some turkey and cake? Give him hugs from us. Thought are with you always.

   From: Shirley
On: 11/22/18
Hi Hon, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HON, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Wish you were here to celebrate this day. Also to celebrate this day of Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful that we had those years together. But it wasn't long enough though. I'm also thankful for our son. He is quite a man, thoughtful like you. I hope you like your gift. We'll be thinking about you and hope you have a nice day. Love you forever and ever.

   From: Shirley
On: 11/18/18
Hi Hon, Winter has arrived. Thursday we had snow, sleet and freezing rain. It has been in the forties so most of it has melted. Thursday we will celebrate your birthday and Thanksgiving Day. I wish you were here for both. There is going to be eight for dinner at Edna's. Your picture was in the paper for Veterans Day. There were others too that you knew from town. Chunks brick didn't get put down at the entrance to the bridge yet. I was there and checked the other day. Harr's and yours is close by each other. There are so many that you would know. Wish you could see them. Jim is on vacation this week. It is nice that he got the week of Thanksgiving and your birthday. He will have the week of Christmas too. Wish you were here to celebrate with us. How is our Grandpuppy? Give him hugs and kisses from his Daddy and me. We love you both so much. I'll talk to you again this Thursday. Love you forever and ever. You are always in my thoughts. Bye for now.

   From: Shirley
On: 11/10/18
Hi Hon, Tomorrow is Veterans Day. I'll be putting the flags back on your memorial tomorrow. Also I will be flying our flag out front of our house. I will be sending you flags for your parade there in Heaven. You can carry one and Tucker the other one. We are so proud of you for serving our country. You left the security of your home to go into the army. Not knowing what you would have to endure in your new way of life. So glad you made it home to your family and friends. But so sorry for those who didn't. Happy that we found each other and had a good life together. We had a son who turned out to be a great man. We are so very proud of him. It was a cold and windy day today. I guess we are done with the nice weather now. Suppose to be a nasty winter this year. I'm not looking forward to that. How is our Grandpuppy? Give him hugs and kisses from his Daddy and me. I will always love and miss you. Have fun at the parade tomorrow. Love forever and ever.

   From: Shirley
On: 11/4/18
Hi Hon, The time has changed again and it is dark already. It was getting dark before we got home from taking Tyler for a walk. How was your week? Mine was ok except from missing you so much. You will soon have a birthday. Wish you would be here so we could celebrate it together. Next Sunday will be Veterans Day too. We are so proud of you for serving our country. It had to be a scary time for you while you served. You were brave like so many who served in all branches of the service. We love you for it and love for all who served. Some didn't make it back home to their loved ones. To them I'm so sorry. Jim will have vacation the week of Thanksgiving. Edna invited us for Thanksgiving. Wish you were here to join us. I always give thanks for finding you and becoming my husband. But our time together wasn't long enough. I am thankful that we did have 48 years together. Wish I could hold you again just like old times. Some day that will happen. Love you forever and ever. Give Tucker x

   From: Shirley
On: 10/28/18
Hi Hon, I guess you have gotten more people who came to Heaven. It's not that God has called them home. A sick person has hurt them and they never could recover from their injuries. We live in a cruel world and I wonder if it will ever get any better. These people were worshiping in their church. If you can't be safe in God's house, where can you be. Ask God to pray for the world to heal and stop the problems that are hurting every one. It is a scary time in the world now. Some people don't realize that their actions are hurting every one. Wish you were here but I'm glad that you don't have to be in this world like it is now. It will soon be Veteran's Day. Your picture will be in the paper again. We are so proud of you for serving our country and keeping us safe. We will always love and be proud of you. You are one of a kind. Never another like you. So glad we found each other at Copley's. Kisses for you and Tucker. Love you forever and ever.

   From: Shirley
On: 10/21/18
Hi Hon, Did you welcome Jack to heaven? Tell him we said "hi' here on earth. He doesn't have to suffer any more. I'm sure he feels much better now. We'll miss him and wish he could have been here longer. God wanted him there with him like he did you. Tell him we'll help Marlene as much as she needs us. It is a cold and windy day today. I put plastic on the closet door yesterday. They are going to clean off up on the hill. So I had take your things off for now. I kept your flowers on though. Tell Harr that Harry's birthday is on Wednesday. Joni was in the hospital but was suppose to go home the other day. I'll have to call her and see how she feels. Nov. 6th is voting day. Have to go to the church now. The other place is going to be a cat shelter. I hope the cats around Jim's can go there. Give Tucker hugs and kisses from his Daddy and me. Love you so much and wish you were still with me. Some day we'll be together again. Love you forever and ever.

   From: Shirley
On: 10/15/18
Hi Hon, We had a rough couple of days with Tyler. He has colitis and was real sick. He is much better now though. I put your things back at your grave site this week. I didn't get back up to put your picture there though. We had a cool and rainy day today. I was busy putting storm windows down because it is so chilly. I guess we were spoiled because we had some warm days last week. Jack L. is still in the hospital. Was suppose to go to hospice. Was told they didn't have room for him. Feel so bad for him. It has been 3 weeks he's been in the hospital. You sure didn't like the hospital, did you? I wish you could have been with me longer. I guess God wanted you to be with him. But I miss you so much. My love for you will never end. Soon the kids will be around for trick and treats.I'll be at Jim's to give out the candy. You and Tucker come down to see the kids in their costumes, ok. Going to feed Tyler now. He's been sleeping at my feet. Love you forever and ever. Kisses for Tucker.

   From: Shirley
On: 10/6/18
Hi Hon, It has been one of those days. I love and miss you so much. Wish we could go back in time and you'd still be with me. Going to get flowers on Monday and put them and the other things back on your memorial. Hopefully when they work around your memorial they won't mess it up. We still have very warm weather here in October. The bridge bust was today so the weather was nice for that. Jack L. is very sick. He is in hospice now. He has been sick for quite some time. Did you have a nice party for Harr? I hope he liked his gift. How is our Grandpuppy? I wish he was here too. Tyler gets his stitches out this coming week. Jim said there were people looking around at work. Don't know if there will be a lot of changes or not. The holidays are coming real soon. Jim will be on vacation for those days this year. Wish you could join us for the holidays. Some day we'll be together for all the days. Love you forever and ever. Give puppy hugs and kisses.

   From: Shirley
On: 9/30/18
Hi Hon, Just got back from a walk. Wish you could have been with me. Remember how we use to walk all over town together? Was up on the hill but still can't put your things back on. Did you see the picture of your memorial brick that Jim put on? We are so proud of you for serving our country. You had to grow up fast because you joined the army at nineteen years of age. It had to be a scary time for you. Harr's birthday will soon be here. In fact it will be on Thursday. His Grandchildren are growing up so fast. I'm going to send a cake today for his party on Thursday. Tell him " Happy Birthday" from Jim and me at his party. I'll send a gift to Tucker to give to him. So how is our Grandpuppy? Give him hugs and kisses from his Daddy and me. The holidays will soon be here. Not the same without you. I will always love and miss you. There will never be any one but you for me. Love you forever and ever. Some day God will call me home to be with you always. See you some day.

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