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Memories of Leroy (Spud)
Spud was my cousin, but far more than that. In the years just before he made his transition, we became closer, and I came to think of him as the brother I never had. His wife, Carol, and I miss him very much and look forward to the time when we will all meet again, never to be parted from one another. Spud, until then, may God keep you in the palm of His hand and close to our hearts.

4/16/09 - I think of you so often and miss you so much. Carol is like a sister to me. We'll all be together again one day. Love you, Colleen

8/2/09 - It doesn't seem possible that you've been gone for 6 years now. I still think of you so often and tell you and Carol I love you when I look at your picture. You are missed and loved. Colleen

11/29/09 - Merry Christmas! I miss you so much. Colleen

3/14/10 - It's almost Easter and the time of resurrection. You are truly loved and missed. One day in God's time, we'll all be together again. I love you, Colleen

9/16/10 - You are loved to the moon and back, forever and always. Colleen

11/26/10 - You are truly loved at Christmas and always. Colleen

12/25/10 - Merry Christmas. Please know that you are loved and that I will see you again one day in God's time. Carol misses and loves you so much too. Colleen

2/25/11 - Spud, I think of you so often and, yes, I miss you, especially your wonderful emails. Carol still loves and misses you with all her heart. We both look forward to being together again one day in that place of incredible beauty in God's presence. You are loved! Colleen

3/18/11 - Happy Easter and Happy Spring! You are missed and loved truly always. Colleen

4/25/11 - You are forever loved and cherished. Colleen

5/29/11 - Memorial Day is a time to remember. We've been going through boxes of cards and letters and found letters that you had written at Christmas time to catch everyone up on what had been happening. I sure wish I had just one more of those letters from you to catch me up on what's been happening there on the Other Side. Sometimes I miss you so much, but I know that you watch over Carol (Babe) and over me too. Please just know that you are loved by me, your cousin, who wishes she could have been your sister. Colleen

8/2/11 - It's difficult to think that you've been gone for 8 years now. You are still loved by those who cherished you here. We'll be together again one day, and there will be no more parting. May God's love shine on you until then. Colleen

9/15/11 - Seasons come and go, but love never changes or dies. You are dearly loved. Colleen

11/25/11 - Thanksgiving Day has come and gone, and Christmas is just around the corner. Please know that you are dearly loved through all seasons. Colleen

3/20/12 - Happy Spring! You are loved and cherished forever and always until we meet again. Colleen

5/28/12 - When someone we love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. You are remembered with so much love on Memorial Day and always. Colleen

8/2/12 - It has been 9 years since you left for your next grand adventure. You are remembered with love and the knowing that you are with God and the angels. Until we meet again on the Other Side, you are loved. Colleen

9/16/12 - Autumn is almost here, and I'm thinking of you with love and missing you. You are always in my heart. Colleen

12/3/12 - Merry Christmas! You are always in my heart and truly loved. Colleen

3/31/13 - Dear Spud, I wish you a Happy Easter and know that you will be celebrating in that most glorious place. Please send some kind of sign to me so that I know Heaven is for real and that you are there. I love you. Your cousin, Colleen

8/2/13 - It's difficult to believe that you have been in heaven for 10 years now. You are so dear to my heart and we know how much Carol misses and loves you. You are a treasure, and I ask that you watch over her and fill her heart with your love until you're together again. I love you. Colleen

12/2/13 - Merry Christmas! You are forever and always in my heart and always loved. Colleen

8/2/14 - It was 11 years ago that you made your transition to that most beautiful place called Heaven. I still think about you and know that you are watching over Carol and me too. You are loved. Colleen

8/2/15 - It is really difficult to think that you have been on the Other Side for 12 years. I think of you often and know that you love me and keep your beloved Carol in your heart. Someday we'll all be together again. I love you. Colleen

12/2/15 - Happy Christmas. I know that you are watching over Carol and over me too. We both miss you a lot and love you always. We'll be together again in Light and Love. Colleen

8/2/16 - For 13 years, you have been in the Love and Light of God. Watch over Carol and me, and we'll see you. Much love, Colleen

12/25/16 - Merry Christmas. Your love surrounds Carol, and I feel it too. We love and cherish you deeply. You are always in our hearts. Colleen

8/2/17 - It doesn't seem possible that you have been on the Other Side for 14 years. I still think about you a lot and would love to stay in better contact with Carol. You are missed. Love always, Colleen

12/25/17 - Merry Christmas. Celebrate in Light and love and know that I love you. Until we meet again, you are always in my heart. Colleen

3/2/18 - You know that even though Carol has married again, you are still loved. And you surely are always in my heart and we'll have a chance one day to say all the things we didn't say here. I love you. Colleen

Survived by:

His wife, Carol, his sons, Dennis and Michael and his cousin, Colleen


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