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Anna Mae and James's Beloved Hearts Memorial
Memories of Anna Mae and James
Oh how we wish we knew that day we awoke that the night would never end. Your day would end at 5:10 pm and ours came to a stand still then too. No time to say goodbye, no last words it was all over in a second. No last minute hugs or even a kiss.

You were gone and we were left to carry on. It hasn't been easy

as you well know. My family has mostly accepted it was your time to leave, but I know you are all around me. I see the signs when the cardinals come. I Know when you must be near, I was your youngest and never got any quality time with you, so I have missed out so much on a life that could have ben different if I hadn't been so wrapped into myself. I could have learned so much from you, but now it is to late. Your birthday is later this month and I will visit you as I do on the day you left me. I vesit all the holidays, and you know all I do is sit and cry. I have yet to find a way to live my life without you in it,I still need you. I know how you were suffering and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But you were my dad. I only got one. And I blew it. I didn't comfort you when you needed it, I turned on you and argued with you all the time.So here I write you this memorial to help me when my feelings are down or times I think of you and miss you so much. I love you dad. Today and Every Day!!! It will be 6 years June 11. It falls on the Saturday as it should. It will be very hard, for all the things shall seem the safe but they will not be, for you wont be here. Always in my thoughts and heart. Love you dad. Rosemary Lynn. It will soon be

6 years to the day dad. Very sad to think of it this way. But trying my best. I love you more thare.n ever befo

Survived by:

Daughter Rosemary,Gail and sons Kevin and Dennis.


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