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Mom, please take care of Tuffy and my other babies

by Mary Angel Notarangelo.........................................

Today, my cat Tuffy passed. I received him as a gift on 07-12-02 a day before my mom's birthday. I already had several other cats and was not expectig "another cat", but everyone knows how much I loved cats and would always take care of them.

Kinky, a cat I rescued when I was on the police force passed suddenly on 01-11-02, that was the day my mom was being released from the hospital and was entering a nursing home. The doctors were amazed my mom had survived, and I often thought "Kinky" took her place to give her a little more time. Kinky and Tuffy were the best of friends.

My mom passed 9 months and 11 days after Kinky. What is amazing is that 1 year ago today, I went to the hospital with pulminary embolism
a day I wish not to remember and now Tuffy has passed on this horrible date. I would re enter the hospital again on 03-19-07 the day before my birthday where I spent 8 more days in the hospital.

My mom named me Mary Angel, as she stated I was her Very SPECIAL Angel and now, she and all my furry/feathered friends are all angels and I know she is taking care of everyone, as she did for me when she was alive, when I needed her to.

I had a business Feathered Angels Holistic & Pet Therapy Center until I moved in October of 2006.

My mom would be proud to know that I now have a weekly live public access show that can be viewed on the web and I will be dedicating this week's show to the memory of 'Tuffy". Mom please take care of everyone and I love and miss all of you.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Mary Angel Notarangelo

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