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To My Soulmate

by Miriam Eisbart.........................................

To My Soulmate(John J.)

One month ago today
You went far, far away.
Two days before you called me
I knew something was very wrong
And I came right over to see.

You thought you were having a heart attack,
But it was much worse than that.
I called 911 and they took you to the hospital E.R.
When I got there a few minutes later and saw all the
Doctors & nurses in the room,
My heart started going boom.

They said your aorta dissected
And could not be corrected.

In 44 hrs you passed
Which left me aghast.

I am still numb and in shock
As you were always my rock.

Each and everyday, I miss you more than words
Can say.
I do not know how I'm going to live without you,
I guess just day by day.

I just know you have found Charity, who we both loved so much
And that is where you will stay until I come to you and we will
All be together again.

RIP, John. I will never stop loving you.

Until we meet again.
Love always,

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Miriam Eisbart

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