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i didnt do it...

by Stephanie LaGuardia.........................................

When Sasha was about 9 months old, i had to work and i felt guilty about leaving her outside so i left her inside, alone. When i came home i kid you not the house was torn apart from the upstairs to the downstairs. there was doggy poo/pee everywhere, the garbage was strung all through the house, toilet paper was everywhere, the plants were mangled and drug throughout the house, it was a mess, i mean a mess. i was livid when i walked in the door. I rememember her standing there and Sasha tore through the house and stopped in front of me, and did this talking thing she always did, she put her head down, her butt in the air and i sweare she tried to convince me that it wasnt her that did it, it was the cat. i thought that was so funny and so amazing that i couldnt be mad at her, even though i should have been, i couldnt.
its not the most detailed or anything but its one of my favorite stories about her...

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Stephanie LaGuardia

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