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" Dad "

by Sue Cotona.........................................

It has only been a little short of 11 months since Mom passed away.

Although you did try to be strong and laugh & tell me how Mommy would not want us to be sad that she was gone. I know deep in your heart you were dying of a broken heart. I know how bad you wanted to be with your loving wife, my mother. I know all the talks you & I had and I tried to tell you that all your children and grandchildren needed you. You responded I know but I think I miss & needed to be with Mommy more. So now you left us to join my mother in heaven. I will pray to my 2 Angels! Mom & Dad.

Dad I see the smile on your face now, and I know you told me a few times not to be sad when you die because you want to be with Mommy, & for me to remember the good times & the memories in my heart.

I know we had some good laughs the other night when I was talking to you from Florida. I will always keep that with me for ever.
Dad, I will try to be strong. But it is very hard for me right now, & I miss you & Mom very much. Although I do feel better to know Mom is not alone any more. You are with her for eternity not just for 42 years.

I will always keep you & Mom in my heart & cherish those memories we had. Rest in peace! Till we meet again.
Your loving Daughter,

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Sue Cotona

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