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Sue Square

by Susan Johnson.........................................

Pixie Sticks and Merry-Go-rounds
the painted faces of circus clowns
Twinkling eyes and Chiclet teeth
inward scars,so strong, so deep
Country, Disco, Rock and Roll
a kindred spirit brands my soul

A warm embrace, a tender touch
don't take me there, it hurts too much
Sun's asleep, there's no more light
fairy tale kisses cradle the night
Scattered visions circle my mind
trailing the sorrows you left behind

Hearts churning and spinning, beginning to gel
broken dreams in a wishing well
Twisting me, twirling me, upside down
mirrored smiles turn to frowns
Seems the longer I laugh...the harder I cry
we didn't get to say goodbye

Blooming flowers going gray
The Whisperer's Horse flies away
Beaches, sandcastles, ice cream cones
abandoned, shattered, on my own
Hyacinths, daffodils, lemongrass
falling through the looking glass

Catch me please and hold on tight
I cling to you with all my might
Flowing tears reach out for you
not really there can't even be true
Butterfly imprints, angel grace
forever gone without a trace

Nursery rhymes and lullabies
moonlight raindrops mesmerize
So long, first love,my treasure, my friend
bittersweet melodies come to an end
Glorious static, a rush felt inside
on the moment you left us, a part of me died
Susan Lynn Johnson Copyright 2003

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Susan Johnson

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