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Memories Past

by Tandy Braid.........................................

Left here to deal with it on my own-
You'd think it would be easier being grown.
I feel like an orphaned 5 year old-
Everyday my heart grows more distant and cold.
"Mommy, come back" I cry in the night-
Only without you again in the next mornings light.
I hate mother nature, death or fate-
You were my Mommy #1, top- rate!
I'm left here to play the "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda" Game-
Looking for someone, something to blame.
While other families build memories to last-
Because of your death I only have memories past.
They were all wonderful, don't get me wrong-
But I could've used a few more to make me strong!
Your loss has been so rough on me-
I'm just in "function" mode, can barely "be"-
I miss you a lot and that's a fact-
I just wish that I could bring you back.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Tandy Braid

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