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by sammia loan.........................................

Dear one - I so miss you. you so quickly became a light of my heart, a joy to my soul. why did you withdraw your beauty and wonder from my sight? graceful sidhe, dynamic dragon; gentle fae and being of power - a mischievous smile and wisdom in eyes so like mine - I can only imagine the softness of your skin next to mine, the warmth of your throat brushed by my lips, the dampness of my tears falling into your palms. I would wish for you to have me as I would you, in celebration, a dragon-dance. I hope for impossible things with you and hope that they might not be impossible after all. I feel alone without seeing your words or hearing your voice, so like I dreamed it would be. have you indeed abandoned me, or will you truly return to me as you said you would? I cannot believe, soul's brother, that you would forget my name or your own, that you would so easily leave such a powerful thing as could be. I remember you and desire you - have we not known each other before? I think I have seen before what is behind those eyes. and I can only imagine if you will truly know me when those eyes meet mine, if you will feel that same touch of recognition and wave of desire, a recognition of what has gone before and can be again. but give me time, and I shall love you as truly as ever I might have. I long for your presence again, for your delicacy and your pure magic. don't leave me alone! I am yours.
Now pray for for your beloved & also for others.May Allaha fulfills your dreams.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, sammia loan

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