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What Might Have Been

by suzanne schultz.........................................

Three year old Ryane Phan might have been a doctor who found the cure for Aids, or a fireman saveing homes and lives.
Two year old Hannah Luong might have been a Surpreme Court Judge, or the one to bring peace to the middle east.
Fourteen month Lindsey Luong might have been President of the United States, or an astronaut going where no one has gone before.
Four month old Danny Luong might have been a police officer helping to get the drugs off the street, or the pastor of his own church spreading the word of God.

Instead Ryan, Hannah, Lindsey and Danny became teachers. They taught all of us here in Mobile Alabama how to come together as a community, how to reach out to people we do not know, how to love, how to pray and how to say goodbye.

The only thing that makes the death of these young children more easy to bear is the knowledge that they are in Heaven safely resting in the arms of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ryane Hannah Lindsey and Danny were thrown of the Dauphin Island Bridge by their Father on Jan 7 2008. They are at peace now.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, suzanne schultz

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