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Vance, come back!!!!

by vanessa l.........................................

when i was about 10 or 10 1/2, my uncle vance was in alaske doing work. he later came home and opened up his front door when he heard someone knocking on it. 1 second later he got shot and the last thing he said to his brother was "I LOVE YOU!" he then later died. see i have about 13 uncles just from my mom's side and 1 aunt from my dad's. you might think that awww who cares she has 12 left but really, Vance was like the only one who ever spent time with me. i have a 20 year old uncle and i love him to death and he looks a lot like vance but it is not the same. vance had a twin named vinny and some tins look exactly a like but they didnt. they looked nothing alike and the only thing i have left of vance is a picture, some old cards, and what's left in my heart. like it is so hard to talk to my family. like they care and all but i really have no one else to tal to. i just wish that wouldn't of happened to my family. well like everyone says " Live every day as if it were your last and don't every try to change the past!"

Comments would be appreciated by the author, vanessa l

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